Schools of the future: Macron wants to generalize the approach tested in Marseille

Sylvie Claire / June 3, 2022

Visiting this Thursday with the Minister of National Education, Pap Ndiaye in the Menpenti school in Marseille, Emmanuel Macron said he wanted to generalize the school of the future, from the fall throughout the territory. This is a pedagogical experiment carried out in Marseille, but contested by the teachers' unions who are demanding above all a roadmap for the new school year.
It is a method that we will generalize from the fall, added the president, even if for the moment the funding has not been specified.
This idea of a school of the future was launched in September 2021 when Emmanuel Macron presented the Marseille en grand emergency plan, designed to help France's second largest city, where the poverty rate exceeds 50% in some neighborhoods, to catch up.
The principle of the school of the future should enable schools to finance an innovative project in the fields of culture, languages, the environment or science by giving school principals the opportunity to participate in the recruitment of their teaching staff.
The Menpenti school is one of the 59 establishments in Marseille selected for this experiment, and the math laboratory must provide students with an authentic activity of research and experimentation using digital tools, manipulation and games.
Benoît Payan, mayor of Marseille, welcomed Emmanuel Macron's desire to put resources on the table like no one has done before and to get children to learn math and foreign languages. The overall budget is 2.5 million euros, 360,000 euros have already been committed, said Christian Abrard, prefect in charge of the educational component of the plan Marseille en grand.


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