Artemis has finally taken off: the most powerful rocket in the world is heading for the moon

Steph Deschamps / November 16, 2022

The most powerful rocket of the world, SLS, took off Wednesday for the first time since Florida, for a mission marking the big beginning of the American program of return on the Moon, Artemis, noted a journalist of the AFP on the spot.
For this test flight launched 50 years after the last flight of the Apollo program, the Orion capsule, which has no astronaut on board, will not land on the Moon but will venture up to 64.000 km behind it, a record for a habitable spacecraft.
The goal of this mission Artemis 1, which must last a little more than 25 days, is to verify that this new spacecraft is safe to transport in the next few years a crew to the Moon.
After two failed attempts this summer, the Nasa made take off its new mega-rocket towards the Moon on Wednesday for the mission in spite of a leak during the complex operations of filling of the fuel tanks, at only a few hours of the launch.


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