5G: facing fake news, social networks on a crest line

Steph Deschamps / Mai 03, 2020

While 5G is the subject of an increasing number of fake news, social networks must find the right balance between removing dangerous content and maintaining freedom of expression.

2020 was to be the year of 5G. Alas, everything did not go as planned, neither for the builders, nor for the equipment manufacturers and nor for the operators who had to review their plan when the world was hit by an unprecedented health crisis. Today, access to 5G is very fragmented, while operators, notably French, have still had to postpone the deployment of their own 5G networks.

Same situation on the side of the manufacturers. While some smartphones sold commercially today have 5G compatibility, such as the Samsung S20 Ultra 5G and the LG V60 ThinQ 5G, this is not the case for all devices, far from it. Especially since supply problems should further slow the marketing of new smartphones compatible with the latest generation of wireless technology.

There remains one last major obstacle for 5G. The latest generation of mobile technology is indeed faced with a problem that its predecessors, 3G and 4G, have not encountered: rumors linking wireless technology to public health. These give rise to a whole series of conspiracy theories which now turn to crime, while a wave of arson attacks today target network equipment that will support the deployment of the future mobile network.

These theories are today the prerogative of groups which disseminate them via social networks, under the guise of "awareness" of 5G. They explain in particular that:

5G weakens our immune system, making us more vulnerable to diseases, including COVID-19;
5G is "untested" and its deployment is increased, the "concentration" of frequencies having harmful effects on health;
5G is radioactive and destroys local trees and wildlife;
The coronavirus spreads by 5G waves;
The coronavirus lock is designed to allow the installation of 5G masts;
"Emissions" and 5G antennas have caused the current pandemic.



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