Apple Keynote 2022: iPhone 14 unveiled

Steph Deschamps / September 7, 2022

It's back to school for Apple! The Apple company, through the voice of Tim Cook, is currently unveiling its new collection during its big back-to-school conference, the Keynote, which is currently held on the stage of the Steve Jobs Theater, at the Cupertino HQ, in California. 
The iphone 14 has been unveiled this Wednesday evening with a larger  version, called iPhone 14 Plus but also Pro versions. Five colors were presented. Apple does not announce any price increase compared to the iPhone 13, that is to say a launch price of 799 dollars and 899 dollars for the iPhone 14 Plus. 
Before that, the new Apple Watch Series 8 was confirmed, followed by a new Watch SE 2 and a so-called Ultra version for the most extreme athletes.
New AirPods Pro 2 were also presented during this Apple Keynote 2022.
Let's move on to the pricing of the new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. These will be available from several prices depending on the storage capacity you need:
iPhone 14 Pro: starting at $999
iPhone 14 Pro Max: from 1099 dollars.
Both devices will be available from September 16 and open for pre-orders from September 9.
A new sensor will be available for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max! The latter will have 48 MP, never seen on an iPhone. But megapixels are not everything and we will have to wait and see if the digital processing of the iPhone remains as powerful as before for high quality photos.
The iPhone 13 was already very powerful. But the iPhone 14 Pro goes even further by integrating the new A16 Bionic chip for more performance. Apple even promises 40% higher performance than the competition (are they talking about the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor available in Android?).
You had trouble seeing your notifications on the iPhone? Apple promises a bright screen of up to 2000 nits for its new iPhone 14 Pro (and Pro Max). An impressive figure, but we'll have to test it when the phone comes out to see if we have the brightest screen on the market.

More room for your wallpaper. This is already the promise initiated with iOS 16 and confirmed with the iPhone 14 Pro and its new, more discreet notch. Notifications become more discreet, but expand when they appear on your screen.
Looking for something new on the iPhone 14? No problem, here are the new iPhones 14 Pro and Pro Max with the new notch that extends when you make phone calls. Available in black, white, gold and purple.
Available from September 16, the iPhone 14 will be offered from 799 dollars, the same price as the iPhone 13 at its launch! No price increase is finally planned despite the numerous rumors of the last weeks. The iPhone 14 Plus will be available at the beginning of October for 899 dollars.
The new feature of emergency calls by satellite will not be free! This last one will be first reserved to Canada and the US with a period of two years offered for the purchase of an iPhone 14.
Are you in an area without a 4G or 5G network? Don't panic. The iPhone 14 has a brand new service: Emergency SOS via Satellite. This allows the iPhone 14 to connect to a satellite to make emergency calls in case you have no phone network.
Do you have an eSIM card? The iPhone 14 might be for you. The device now supports eSIM on multiple devices while strengthening the security of your data. You will no longer need to have your physical SIM card in your iPhone!
Apple details the new features of the iPhone 14, including an improved 12MP photo sensor. What to take better photos, especially in low light where performance would be improved by 49% compared to the previous generation. The selfie camera is also improved and captures more light in low light.
Black, white, red, purple and turquoise. These are the new colors of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus available at the launch of the phone. These will be available on the official Apple store and authorized dealers.
The Apple Keynote unveils the new iPhone 14. The latter still has the same design as its predecessor but with some new features, including the iPhone 14 Plus which has a larger size.
A new, even smaller earmold, a new chip, more powerful spatial audio, an  improved battery, twice the noise reduction of the previous model... These are just some of the new features of the new AirPods Pro 2. The headphones will also be able to automatically adjust their transparency mode to keep you connected to the world when using noise reduction.
The AirPods Pro 2 will be available starting at $249 on September 23. You can reserve your copy online starting Friday, September 9.
Apple finally announces the AirPods Pro 2! After months of waiting, the most successful wireless earphones of the firm are finally official. They are equipped with a brand new chip and a new audio distortion for a great sound quality. Spatial audio is still available and enhanced as if you were on a stage with your favorite band playing alongside you.
The Apple Watch Ultra is not for the average user. That's why it has new features, including the most advanced GPS in the range. The Apple Watch Ultra will be available from $799 on September 23. This is a record for a watch aimed at the general public, but the first rumors indicated a price close to 1000 dollars.
Do you like diving? The Apple Watch Ultra will have a new app that will allow you to use it several meters underwater to track your progress, depth and other data that you can then find on your iPhone. Your data will automatically sync at the end of your dive.
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