Lori, follower of apocalyptic and reincarnation theories, killed her two children aged 7 and 16: she thought they were « zombies"

Steph Deschamps / May 13, 2023

An American mother, versed in end-of-the-world theories, was convicted Friday of murdering her two children and aiding and abetting the murder of her new husband's ex-wife by an Idaho state court.
Lori Vallow was, among other things, found guilty of the murder of her 7 and 16 year old children, whom investigators believe were "zombies ».
A devotee of reincarnation theories, she was prosecuted alongside her new husband, Chad Daybell, author of esoteric books, for this triple murder and for fraud, the couple having notably continued to receive family allowances after the disappearance of their children.
Lori Vallow, who by all accounts considered herself a savior of humanity, pleaded not guilty.
She faces life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, but avoided the death penalty, which the judge ruled out.
Her husband Chad Daybell has yet to be tried and faces the death penalty.
Like Lori Vallow, he was a member of a radical Mormon sect that was preparing for the apocalypse.
This dark case, which marked Idaho in the northwest of the United States, began in 2019 with the disappearance of the two children, reported by the grandparents of one.
The investigation quickly took a macabre turn when police found a series of deaths in the vicinity of Lori Vallow and her new husband, Chad Daybell.
The bodies of the two children, who were last seen alive in September 2019, were found in June 2020, more than nine months after their disappearance, near the home of Chad Daybell in Rexburg, a small town in this rural state.
Their story inspired a Netflix documentary series, "Our Murderous Mother," released last January.
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